It is never an easy goal to get an IELTS score of 7 across 4 bands, especially if English is your second language. Here we provide you some tips how you can prepare and ready to reach your IELTS goal.

1. Fully understand the tenses

If you don't know your tenses you are throwing yourself for an easy kill. For English tenses are very important and If you are able to improve your tenses it could also reflect back to your speaking skill.

2. English grammar

Get a grammar book! It is difficult to understand at the beginning, however if you want to reach the best score in IELTS, every sentence that you apply have to be grammatically correct.

3. Environment

Improve your English by living in an English speaking environment. Speak English, watch English news, listen to English radio, see English speaking movies.

4. Get trained!

It is very important that if an IELTS score is very vital for you to enter into your targeted university or other purpose. It is recommended that you get trained by the very best professionals, who has experience in teaching IELTS or even an IELTS examiners themselves. This is to maximise your chance of reaching your IELTS scores.

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