quotation01I remember it was back in Taiwan when I first met Yvonne and discussed about the idea of giving up my dream to study abroad.
It was through her determination and encouragement that lighted up my confidence to forsee and reach the goal of my life.
My enrolment to AMEC IELTS course was the a bet and through it I seek my entrance into Bachelor of Nursing in Australia. IELTS score of 7.0 across all four bands, seemingly is an ultimate and untouchable goal for many. However, once I was introduced into AMEC IELTS teaching team and met the actual teachers, it relaxed my fear and changed my perception about IELTS test.
Despite the ever changing Migration Plan of Australia, I discovered my nursing degree from Taiwan in addition with IELTS score of 7.0 across all four bands, could place me in the queue of PR in Australia. After 8 weeks of intensive training over the Christmas holiday of 2010, I successfully reached my goal.
What can I say and how can I express my feeling? It was one of the memorable moment in my life. Together there were 7 other classmates accompanied with me during those intensive weeks. Surprisingly, all of them had reached their IELTS goals and many have thus gain full-time employments. I wish to share this testimony and encourage many others who are seeking the similar opportunity as me. The touch of Secret to IELTS 7.0, will certainly bring you up to a place you had never dreamt of.


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