To IELTS 7ers, Welcome you of all who are coming to AMEC! I assure you that you have made the right choice. Before coming to AMEC, I had taken six IELTS tests. However, I had never achieved 7 for writing in any of the tests. I was wondering if I should give up after six failures. At that time, my friend, Vanessa, a lovely girl who is working in AMEC, advised me to come to AMEC. I did not trust her at first but the final outcome proved that she was right. Once I started to study at AMEC, I started to like writing essays. This is mainly because of Matthew’s teaching method. Matthew is not only a good teacher but also a good friend. He never lets his class be silent. All students talk and ask questions. That is to say every one is participating and acquiring IELTS skills. The thing I appreciate the most is that he corrected all of the errors in my essays. This improved my writing skills significantly. All in all, I promise you all that you will never regret coming to AMEC. I hope you all achieve the score you want in IELTS. AMEC IELTS 7 school tel:+617 3323 3168, www.ielts7777.com.au

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