chu_joy_ieltsquotation01Hi, my name is Joy from Taiwan. I have since end of 2011, attended AMEC IELTS 7 Course. My reason for attending IELTS coaching is due to the mandatory requirement for becoming a registered nurse in Australia. It has been a tough and hard road as IELTS 7 was never a easy pathway. 


Thanks to AMEC IELTS course, especially to teachers, Yvonne Seabrook, Jacquie Bird, Robert Fitz-Walter and other staffs, my IELTS and English proficiency have subsequently improved over times.


I was initially enrolled to an 8 weeks guarantee program, and later on being offered extra weeks until I finally reached IELTS 7 across all 4 bands.

The total of my study weeks was 23 weeks. The moment I received my IELTS result, I even cried and my family was extremely pleased.

Thanks to AMEC again and I truly recommend if anyone who is looking for quality guarantee IELTS 7 program, it is definately AMEC IELTS.quotation02

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