jh_kim_ieltsAny foreign visitor or students in Australia have the issue of passing a certain benchmark of IELTS score. It is a mandatory need if we pursue to stay longer in Australia.

I was blessed to find an IELTS course offered by AMEC. It is gorgeous, spacious and they even offer FREE Trial-Class.

The guarantee scheme of AMEC course, provides me an unlimited access to its teachers and materials provided that my attendance is kept to be 100%.

The teachers in AMEC is very professional and pinpoint out all the critical elements in IELTS examination.

In particular, in Yvonne Seabrook’s vocabulary class, it allowed me to explore more in different contents of topics tested in IELTS exams.

Finally, I graduated from AMEC and achieved my IELTS goal.

I want to share this experience with all students out there that AMEC IELTS course does get you the quality and aiming to catch your IELTS goal.


Tom Kim



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